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“I want to tell you that before I enter this school I have heard a lot of bad experiences in other schools, but since day 1 in this school they have been amazing, I studied 5 levels with them, I had a regular English level, but right now I’m feeling more confident and fluent in my English! I will recommend this school also because they are very professional, they take it seriously and want you to improve, they are really interested on that! It was the best decision to enroll in this school! Thanks for everything.” – Emilio L. – Intensive English course

“I had an incredible Spanish teacher and it has been my privilege to be her student. I feel my dominion of Spanish has improved tremendously since starting with her. I feel more confident and even my coworkers have commented on my improvements. I strongly recommend CCLS for anyone learning Spanish”. Tomas C. – Private Spanish classes

“I strongly recommend CCLS. They are very professional, and their classes are interactive for learning a new language. I learned Portuguese because, I wanted to learn a new language and my work has Brazilian clients and most people don speak Portuguese. Having taken these classes made it easier to understand them and made me able to communicate. At first was challenging to get use to a different language . I must say I was exposed to different accents that made it even more interesting and better . I can’t wait to continue the conversational Portuguese to perfect my Portuguese and then travel to Brazil .Thank you to CCLS for their patience, kindness and excellent teaching skills. ” – Jessica P. – Portuguese group classes